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Harrier 72-inch Utility Strap with Quick-Release Buckle, 6-Pack

  • 24 Designs

  • Strong Polypropylene Strap

  • Quick-Release Buckle For Easy Securing and Adjustments

  • Easily Cut To Desired Length

  • Each Strap Measures 72-Inches Long

  • Includes (6) Utility Straps with Buckles

Iconikal's Harrier Utility Straps with Buckles are a perfect tool for cinching down sleeping bags, backpacks, tents, bikes, car loads, and more! Quick-release buckle is convenient to use and quickly adjusts to desired length. Is 72 inches (1.8m) too long? Simply cut to desired length and seal fray with a match or lighter. Strong polypropylene straps will hold well. Strap measures 15/16" wide. Includes (6) straps with buckles.

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