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Armaly ProPlus Dry Cleaning Sponge, 2-Pack

  • A Dry Cleaning Application

  • For Any Surface That Cannot Handle Water

  • Cleans By Only Exerting Moderate Pressure

  • Many Uses Around The House

  • Sponge Measures 6" x 1.75" x 3"

  • Great value 2-Pack set


Cleans walls, blinds, wallpaper, and lamp shades without water! Use dry never wet. Cleans: soot & smoke covered walls, brick, woodwork, radiators, vents, books, acoustical tiles, light fixtures, automobile interiors, computer screens and picks up pet hair.

Beginning at the top of the surface being cleaned bring Armaly ProPlus Dry Cleaning Sponge, move down in an even sweeping motion by exerting moderate pressure. Do not continuously use same area of sponge while cleaning. Rotate the sponge to clean areas. To clean Armaly ProPlus Dry Cleaning Sponge washig with soap and wtaer; allow sponge to dry thoroughly before reuse. Do not store in direct sunlight or near heat.


UPC:  640265516771

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