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Iconikal Soap Saver, 6-Pack (Taupe)

  • Helps bar soap stay out of puddling water

  • Keep bar soap around longer

  • Holds soap in place, reduces ability to slide around

  • Trim to fit into any soap dish

  • Includes (6) Soap Savers

Tired of mushy soap? Don't cut your soap's life short; rescue it with Soap Saver. The Soap Saver lifts your soap up so it doesn't sit in water to become mushy. Less waste: helps bar soap last longer. Allows soap to dry quickly. Keeps soap in place in soap dishes, on countertops, or tubs. Easily trim Soap Saver down to fit any soap dish or travel box. Rinses easily. Soap dries quicker and will last longer. Each Soap Saver measures 4.4 x 2.9 x 0.03 inches. Includes (6) Soap savers.

UPC:  647929321825

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